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Aap News is a Pakistan news channel which keeps you updated with all the happenings going around all across the country and globe in the form of News Headlines and Bulletins, Breaking News, News Packages and highly ranked current affairs programs. Aap News also provides entertainment to their audience with their infotainment show Khabarzar with Aftab Iqbal.

Aap News Programs

Khabarzar – https://bit.ly/2QAlpC1

Aap Kay Sitaray with Hadiqa Kiani – https://bit.ly/33ZnVp3

Mumkin – https://bit.ly/32ZatA6

Aap Janab – https://bit.ly/2rUXHWJ

Islamabad Views – https://bit.ly/2XqjW2q

40 Minute – https://bit.ly/2CZrzmR

Lag Pata Jaye ga – https://bit.ly/2XqWx0Y

Aap Special – https://bit.ly/2pswmu1

Team Members:
Aftab Iqbal | Hadiqa Kiani | Abdul Rauf | Zunaira Azhar | Jameel Farooqui | PJ Mir | Zukhruf Khan | Shaukat Paracha

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