eyeson – Live Streaming your Video Meetings on Youtube

eyeson improves team collaborations with its innovative solutions to online video conferencing. With the patented Single Stream Technology, which puts all the incoming data into a single video stream, your data consumption is reduced, your device won’t overheat and the video channel stays HD. This is especially useful for our mobile users.

You have also a broad range of useful features available for your daily video meetings with your team, like live streaming or broadcasting on Youtube or Facebook, recording your group video chat, changing the video stream layout during your video calls, setting up webinars, personalised accounts portals with online meeting rooms, blend in texts, images, gifs in your video stream and many more.

eyeson can be found as an integration in some business softwares like Slack, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Trello, Jira and Talkdesk. And more are coming up.

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